ChatGPTとの連携機能を搭載した自作のp5.jsのWebエディタです。Generative AIの補助によりクリエイティブコーディングを楽しめる方が増える可能性、また既にクリエイティブコーディングをしている人にとってはAIが表現を拡張するためのアシスタントのように働く可能性を模索する試験的プロジェクトです。


This is a self-made p5.js web editor with integration capabilities with ChatGPT. It is an experimental project that explores the potential of increasing the number of people who can enjoy creative coding with the assistance of Generative AI, as well as the potential for AI to work as an assistant in expanding expressions for those who are already engaged in creative coding.

By sending requests to the AI in natural language, it suggests code tailored to the requests along with explanations. This project seeks to examine the feasibility of collaborative creation between humans and AI, where humans refine the output code and create artworks based on it.

Exibition in PCD2023


きゃべ (@cab_kyabe)
きゃべ (@cab_kyabe)
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